who had a montessori early childhood education?

Larry Page & Sergey Brin co-founders of Google
Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon
Anne Frank famous author/diarist WW2
Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince George English royalty
Katherine Graham owner/editor The Washington Post
Will Wright video game developer, ‘SimCity’
Helen Keller author/political activist
Gabriel Garcia Marquez nobel prize laureate – literature
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis editor/former US first lady
George Clooney actor
P. Diddy (Brother Love) rapper
Taylor Swift singer/songwriter
Helen Hunt actor

who chose montessori for their children?

David Blaine magician
Hillary & Bill Clinton US politicians/former US President
Yo Yo Ma cellist
Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas actors
Cate Blanchett actor

who advocated for montessori education?

Alexander Graham Bell inventor
Woodrow Wilson US President
Thomas Edison scientist/inventor
Erik Erikson anthropologist
Jean Piaget Swiss psychologist
Willie Nelson musician

“I do not believe there is a method better than Montessori for making children sensitive to the beauties of the world and awakening their curiosity regarding the secrets of life.” 

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, nobel prize laureate - llterature