Stumbling upon you was the best thing to happen to our little family.

We started our “life changing” journey with My Montessori Mentor when our daughter was 15 months old. I am a primary school teacher and had always been intrigued with the Montessori method. I also knew how important the first few years of life are and wanted to provide a Montessori upbringing for our daughter after doing research on different ways to raising a toddler. From the moment I met Fiona, I knew that we had made the right decision for our daughter and was so excited knowing we were going to give her the best start to life. Fiona was extremely supportive, especially since our little one has severe and complex medical conditions, as well as, a serious disability. Fiona embraced our child whole heartedly and welcomed us with open arms. I was in awe of her classroom, as it is thoughtfully arranged with beautiful activities for the children to work with. In a session, the child is able to explore the prepared environment and engage with materials of their own choosing. Fiona also assists the child whilst gently mentoring or guiding the parent. She provides detailed explanations on why things are done in a certain way and helps you understand the Montessori approach. She also sends out in-depth information via email that is relevant to either your child or current need that consists of strategies, tips or suggestions that assist with teaching and raising your child in the home environment. Fiona also offers a range of Montessori resource packs that are great value and equipped with items and utensils that can be used by a toddler at home. My Montessori Mentor is worth every cent and it was a priority within our family’s budget to attend the weekly sessions. We quickly realised how vital it is to establish positive habits and a life-long love for learning during the critical toddler years. I’ve seen first hand how Fiona shows a love and care for each and every child, like she would her own. Watching Fiona work with my child is like magic, you lose all sense of time and become hypnotised by her passion and love for all things Montessori! Fiona’s enthusiasm is contagious and since attending the sessions, I too have become a proud and passionate Montessori mumma! My Montessori Mentor has changed our world, makes our hearts sing and is the highlight of our week.

Testimonial - Fallon Purkiss

"My son has been visiting Fiona at the My Montessori Mentor parent toddler program for a few years now and I could not be more thrilled with his growth and development. The program is nurturing and educational for both toddlers and their parents. Fiona’s knowledge and guidance of the Montessori philosophy has been helpful for myself as a parent, on how to engage with my child in and around the home. My son enjoys helping with all household activities from preparing food, cleaning, washing and other daily jobs. I believe that his fine motor and language skills have both been accelerated due to the thoughtful approach of the purposeful activities at My Montessori Mentor. My son has grown to be both confident and independent while also showing a strong sense of empathy towards others. I feel very fortunate to have found such a wonderful program for my son to grow and learn from!"

"Fiona is a wonderful Montessori mentor! Do yourself and your little one a favour and come and spend a morning with Fiona in her incredible learning space. The variety of activities for your little one to engage with is extensive. We have been going for 6 months now and my daughter is always finding new activities to engage with and challenge her. She also loves repeating her favourite activities.

Fiona offers a calm environment where the toddler is allowed to choose what he/she engages with. They are then shown the correct process and given the opportunity to copy. It brings me so much joy to see my daughter's joy and pride when she concentrates and achieves something she has been working at.

I was feeling a little left out of her learning as it was being left up to day care. It has been a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with her and see how quickly she is growing, learning and mastering new skills. She loves the classes and always asks to go back.

I didn't know much about 'Montessori' when I first enrolled, but Fiona has been so informative and inspiring that I am now a huge advocate for the benefits it provides."